Where do you start with Solar?

There are a few ways, depending on your current budget. SolarHere are a few of the popular options:

1. Install a solar pool heater, and extend your swimming season by up to three months. A solar pool heater uses no additional electricity, and can heat your pool by 4 to 9 degrees.

2. Heat pumps are also utilised to heat water from your geyser. Heat pumps generate heat by using free ambient (air temperature) combined with electricity to generate heat that in turn heats up your geyser water. Heat pumps are very efficient as they work on a ratio of 5:1. This means for every 1kw of electricity used a solar heat pump will generate 5kw electricity. The electricity saving utilising a heat pump compares favourably with a solar geyser and in some cases a heat pump may even be more efficient.

3. Save approximately 30% on your electricity bill by installing a solar geyser. This can be a little expensive at first, but well worth it in the long run. Eskoms rebates for solar geyser installations have made it even more attractive, and has now become a very viable option in South Africa.

As the price for energy increases, savvy homeowners should ensure that their homes are not completely reliant on the mainstream power grid.

By reducing your electricity dependence on the grid, you become part of a more sustainable and responsible global community of homeowners and enjoy significant electricity & cost savings at the same time.

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