The Different Types of Solar Power Systems

Solar energy is harnessed by various solar power systems to perform different functions.

If you are interested in ’going green’, i.e. being eco-friendly, you can use any of these solar power systems to reduce electricity consumption:

  • Solar water heater: This is a very efficient homemade solar energy system. These heating systems are so effective that your geysers can be replaced completely. The pipes of a solar water heater collect the sun’s energy and use it to warm the water flowing through them. This water is then pumped into your existing geyser and used as normal.
  • Solar electricity: Install photovoltaic solar panels on your home. Photo-voltaic or PV solar panels convert the sun’s solar energy into electricity. Solar electric power is clean, affordable and easy to convert. The electricity produced is DC (Direct current) which must be converted to AC (Alternating current) before it can be used by normal household appliances.
  • Solar ovens: A solar oven, also known as solar cooker is a very healthy method of cooking food. It has been successfully used in a lot of countries to desalinize water. A solar oven consists of series of reflective panels which focus sunlight on a pot in which the food is to be cooked. You can use it for boiling, baking and roasting.

As the price for energy increases, savvy homeowners should ensure that their homes are not completely reliant on the mainstream power grid.

By reducing your electricity dependence on the grid, you become part of a more sustainable and responsible global community of homeowners and enjoy significant electricity & cost savings at the same time.

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