Greener, healthier lawn

A good looking lawn will invite many favourable comments from both envious neighbours and visitor’s alike but the overriding factor is that a healthy green lawn will visually enhance your home and garden.

This season motivate yourself to maintain a regular and consistent lawn care programme — that will not only start and end in spring but continue throughout the summer into autumn and winter, every year.

Your main challenge is in early spring when you have to shake off the winter thatch — thatch is the build-up of dead matted grass which prevents water and fertilisers from penetrating the soil, vigorously from your lawn. Thatch can be removed by using a good strong metal rake. Alternatively you can hire a lawn spike aerator.

Once you have removed all the thatch, you will need to mow your lawn. A short close mow is what you are looking for so set your mower really, really low. *This is ideal for Kikuyu lawns; other lawn varieties do not require low cuttings.

Once that is done, and if you need to level out any depressions in the lawn, you will need to fill in with a good quality, weed free lawn dressing. This will also improve the soil structure and will add essential organic matter. Water well.

Next is your fertilising programme. Choose a fertiliser high in nitrogen like, Wonder Lawns and Foliage 7:1:3 or Bounce Back that will improve root development; water well after fertilising.

With a Grey water system, you can water your lawn for FREE! Grey water is the water from ones baths, showers, hand basins and laundry. It is recommended that you change to a phosphate free washing powder which are readily available. This water is then pumped out onto your lawn and garden saving you on your water bill. Rainwater harvesting is another great way to save water. Rainwater is collected from your roof, filtered and then pumped bach into your home for general use. Again, this is free water and if fitted along with the grey water system, will allow you to use this free water…twice!

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