ACID MINE DRAINAGE, Coming to a Dam Near You.

In spite of assurance by Department of Water Affairs that Hartebeespoort Dam is “visually pristine”, Hartbeespoort Water Action Group (HWAG) is doubtful.

Few are as aware as Marietta Lieferink is, about the dangers of the AMD and the accompanied Uranium, that have escaped the Slime Dams on the Westrand.
The effects of which have moved North in the groundwater, on its way to the Hartbeespoort Dam. It has already been found under the Cradle of Humankind, dissolving the Dolomite.

It should soon be measurable in the Bore-holes feeding the Estates around the dam, with drinking water. Maybe when we all Glow Green we could cut down on Eskom.

Marietta is without doubt a One-Women-Army, forever vigilant and totally dedicated to bring those to book responsible for the mess.
She has spoken at our HWAG meetings to warn us of the impending dangers.

A delegation from HWAG attended a meeting with the Federation for a Sustainable Environment and Department of Water Affairs in Gauteng to launch the Remedial Action Plan, RAP, to clean up the Wonderfontein Spruit.

“We were told that DWAF would take all necessary actions to comply with the “Polluter Pays Principle” and make them pay,” says Rick von Rossum of HWAG.  “What a shame we don’t have the deep pockets of the mines to access for the state of our dam, only the Municipal Sewage Plants. Will DWAF make them pay too?” he asks.

Von Rossum continues, saying that no obvious plans exist to stop the dumping and pollution of the catchment on the North side of the mining area, that is the Crocodile river, leading to Hartebeespoort Dam.

“We were told by DWAF’s representative, Marius Keet, that their responsibility was limited to their catchment and did not include ours. This coming from National Government was alarming.”

HWAG also expressed surprised that no representation form North West Department of Water Affairs or anyone from the Metsiame Program attended the meeting.

HWAG also recently participated a Radio Program, SAFM’s “After 8 Debate, with Tim Modise”.  Von Rossum says he was surprised when Petrus Venter, leader of Metsiame, proclaimed that the dma is in a visually pristine condition.

Our ground water is under threat. Bore-holes are no longer a sustainable option as the water they supply is becoming contaminated and unfit for consumption.

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable solution and rainwater is free. It all starts with chosing a suitable water tank, to which you divert your rainwater from your roof, through our rain runner filters. The rainwater is pumped from you water tanks to your home for general use saving you money as you could run independant of municipal water for most of the year.

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