Storm warning for Gauteng

Pretoria – The South African Weather Service (SAWS) warned on Monday that severe thunderstorms and heavy downpours are expected in Gauteng on Tuesday morning.

“There is an 80% chance of rain, and we’re expecting heavy downpours in some places and severe thunderstorms in and around Gauteng,” Mark Todd, a meteorologist at the SAWS, said on Monday.

Warnings of heavy downpours on Tuesday and Wednesday have also been issued for Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, the North-West, the Free State, the Eastern Cape and Lesotho.

According to Todd, rainfall in Gauteng within the 24 hours between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning could reach up to 50mm. This is also the case in the central parts of the North-West, the southern and central parts of the Free State, the eastern parts of the Northern Cape and in the east of the Eastern Cape.

Slightly cooler temperatures (24ºC in Pretoria and 22ºC in Johannesburg) are also expected in Gauteng on Tuesday.

Mnikeli Ndabambi, also a meteorologist at the SAWS, said in a statement on Monday that this rain is the result of a strong upper air trough system which moved in from the west on Monday.

This caused a band of moist air over the central and southeastern parts of the country in particular.

“The trough system will move over the central interior on Wednesday and then towards the southeast.

“By Thursday the system should leave the country over the southeastern coastal areas. This should also be the last rain we see for a while.”

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