Eskom turns to water

Johannesburg – The state power utility Eskom will join forces with the Water Research Commission (WRC) in researching subjects including climate change, water management and purification, the commission said on Monday.

“Eskom and WRC enter into a strategic research partnership recognising the strategic link between sustainable water management and energy generation,” the commission said in a statement.

The two parties will sign on Thursday a memorandum of agreement and will from a joint research committee.

Eskom and the WRC will fund and conduct research on topics of mutual and strategic interest covering climate change, water resource availability and accessibility, water quality.

Research will also be conducted on other subjects of interest such as water conservation, water demand management, technology development and acid mine drainage.

“As these entities join hands, their partnership will extend toward growing the research capacity pool, encourage skills transfer, mentoring and coaching through the centres of excellence and also identify skills shortages which require focused interventions.”

The two organisations would collaborate in implementing research findings from laboratory to demonstration plant.

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