Weather service: Respite from rain

Johannesburg – The rainy weather is expected to let up on Reconciliation Day and clear skies can be expected for most of the weekend, the Weather Service said on Wednesday.

“The rain will stop over Gauteng from late morning and early afternoon tomorrow [Thursday],” forecaster Evert Scholtz said.

The Weather Service expected a clearance from the West of the country from Thursday. For Friday and Saturday isolated thunderstorms were forecast over the central interior.

Similar conditions were forecast for Sunday and Monday afternoon.

The weather conditions were caused by a cut-off low pressure system that came from the tropics and which was currently in the western interior of the country.

Scholtz said the pressure system was expected to move out to the South coast on Thursday. As it moved South-eastwards the weather would clear up from the West.

However, the weather service was expecting some rain next week.

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