Supercar showcase goes green Share

A collection of some of the world’s head-turning eco-friendly vehicles will feature in at the inaugural EcoVelocity show at the Battersea power station in London during September 2011.

The show will include a specially created green supercar section to shrug off the stigma that eco-friendly cars are slow and boring,though judging from our images the designers still miss the mark regarding aesthetic appeal…

The green supercar line-up will include:

Bluebird Electric –Fresh from its British Electric Land Speed Record attempt in South Wales.
Tesla Roadster –Though in a legal tussle with Top Gear,the Roadster will be on display as the first highway-capable battery car in production.
Delta Motorsport E-4 Coupe – Claims a driving range of 320km on a single charge.
Evelio – This superfast beast can allegedly rocket from 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds.

Other models on display will include the 522kW Lightning GT and the UK-built Nemisis electric sports car capable of 0-100km/h in seven seconds.

Giles Brown,EcoVelocity event director,said the aim of green supercars was to alter car-buyers’perceptions. “The addition of the green supercar paddock might well be a little bit unexpected for some visitors,”he said,“but will definitely grab a lot of attention –which is the whole point,changing perceptions.

“We are here to educate people about eco-friendly motoring –it’s evolving all the time.”

The EcoVelocity show will also showcase the latest green models including electric,hybrid and low C02 emitting vehicles.

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