Water shortages for Polokwane

Polokwane is faced with severe water shortages as levels at the main reservoirs supplying its residents are declining at an alarming rate, the Limpopo municipality said.

A shortfall of 6.6 megalitres was recorded over the past three weeks in its three reservoirs.

According to council data, residents used an average of 64.95 megalitres per day, but this had increased to 71.5 megalitres – reflecting a shortfall of 6.6 megalitres.

Mayor Freddy Greever blamed households, saying they were using more water in their gardens.

“The greatest contributor to the increase in water consumption is from watering irrigation of our gardens.”

Greever said car washers on the city’s streets were also consuming water at an alarming rate. Street car washers also did not pay for the water they used. They took their water from public toilets, the mayor said.

Why not recycle your grey water for garden use. Grey water is defined as water from baths,showers,hand basins and clothes washing machines or the laundry.  A bath uses 120 litres and a shower 80 litres of water. When used,that water is called grey water. You pay for it,and then it all goes down the drain. Water Rhapsody Grey Water System uses this grey water to immediately irrigate your garden,saving you a substantial portion of your water bill.  Grey water is the solution to the problems relating to demand and supply management of water not only in South Africa,but worldwide.

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