Atacama Solar Challenge, the first solar car race in Latin America

The abundance of the solar resource in the country and the challenges in the efficient use of energy are among the objectives of the Atacama Solar Challenge, the first solar car race in Latin America, that will be held from September 30 to October 2, 2011 in the Atacama Desert.

The race – which aims to stimulate the development of human capital able to lead innovation in new energy efficient technologies – covers more than 900 kilometers.

The initiative is organized by the Chilean section of the IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers), the University of Chile’s Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Federico Santa Maria Technical University and the Solar Road Corporation.

In relation to this event, Fundación will hold the 1st Contest for Solar Vehicle Design on Friday March 18, when the participating teams will compete for four kits worth $15 million pesos each, consisting of an electric motor, a bank of lithium batteries and the solar panels needed for the construction of their prototypes that will race in the Atacama Desert the end of September.

Together with the defense of the designs, there will be a show of the process that leads to the development of solar vehicles, concluding with a driving test of the prototypes that will be exhibited, among them Eolian – the first Chilean solar vehicle – and the solar tricycle.

In response to the importance that the topic of energy has for Sebastian Piñera’s government, government authorities, representatives from the business, energy and academic sectors will attend the event.

This race is not only the first of its kind in Latin America, but it will also offer a unique worldwide challenge because of the extraordinary conditions of the Chilean desert.

This competition is sponsored by CGE, Gener, SQM, Chemetall, Eurener Marubeni, Fundación Chile and Mademsa.

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