“Love Red, Think Green” for July

The theme for this year’s Durban July is a tough one. “A Material World? Love Red, Think Green” asks fashionistas to look at minimising their environmental footprint by using recycled materials in their creations – kind of “red-siren-meets-eco-warrior”. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to get the look.

Although many fashionistas may be environmentalists at heart, wearing recycled materials is a fairly new concept and will probably take some time to get used to. So for those who are not out to win any awards, but still want to embrace the theme of the race day, Danelle Milward from Captive8 – a fashion house catering exclusively for women sizes 16-24 – suggests the following:

“Wear something red.  Pick out a red dress that you would wear again to a different occasion.  Red is a great colour to incorporate into a theme as it is bold, makes a statement and looks good on anyone. But ensure that your dress is fairly simple, with not too much detail, as this gives you the opportunity to bring flair and something ‘green’ to your look with accessories.”

“Accessorising with recycled items will not only make your outfit more fun, but can also be made yourself.  Do a bit of research and you will begin to see accessories in ordinary things lying around your house. Pendants can be made out of old keys or bits of broken dishes; earrings can be cut out from x-rays; the inside of an old watch can be turned into a ring; necklaces can be woven out of beverage cans; and reshaped forks make beautiful bracelets. The possibilities are endless.”

“At Captive8, we always tell our clients to first ensure that their wardrobe is made up of classic items that are well-suited to their body shapes and can be worn often. They can then bring in the latest fashion trends with their accessories. For this year’s Durban July I wouldn’t suggest anything different. Wear clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful and then go all out with recycled pieces to complete your look and get in on the ‘green’ theme.  You might even find a new hobby along the way!”

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