Green Office Week

water3It’s Green Office Week!

Every day this week, we’ll be sharing practical tips on how to make your office more environmentally friendly, courtesy of the good folks at Green Office Week.

Lead the team in saving water

1. Determine water requirements for your floor, department, building or unit of production.

2. Someone should be appointed to track water usage and identify strengths and weaknesses.

3. Know where your wasted water is going and try to get it recycled for other areas of your business.

4. Consider implementing rainwater harvesting in tanks and grey water usage (i.e. reuse rain and storm water).

5. Speak to maintenance people about installing water efficient taps or fixtures.

6. Introduce the idea of water efficient appliances in canteens or office kitchens. Fill kettles only with as much water as you need.

7. If your offices have indoor plants and outdoor gardens check that there are water efficient systems – irrigation systems use less water than sprinklers. Replace leaking hose nozzles.

8. Avoid having ornamental water features and fountains that lose water to evaporation.

9. See that people know where and how to report significant water losses from broken pipes and hoses.

10. Communicate with the garden service to choose drought-tolerant indigenous plants and grass.

11. Keep paths to the building clean. Do not allow a hose to be used as a sweeper to remove leaves etc. from them.

12. Encourage people to wash company vehicles at commercial car washers that recycle water.

13. Where relevant reduce the amount of water used in space cooling equipment to the minimum recommended amount.

14. Encourage people to be alert to leaking taps – one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month.

15. Suggestions: Reduce leaks by turning taps off lightly and getting washers replaced as soon as they begin to leak.

16. Maintenance must ensure that plugs are available in all basins and sinks.

17. Encourage upgrading of older toilets/urinals with water efficient ones.

18. Introduce hiring of a ‘green’ plumber who will be updated on practices that use less energy and water.

19. Where possible get management to upgrade production equipment to use recycled water or less water.

20. Know where your master water shut-off valve is located.


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