Green Office Week

Reduce carbon emission at the office:

Carbon footprint Lead the team in reducing carbon emission

1. How does your workplace view carbon emissions and carbon footprint? Try to get some info on this if possible and available.

2. It’s a good suggestion to make people aware of how much they contribute to the carbon footprint through their own travel to-and-from work.

3. Awareness leads to action: get everyone involved in reducing their own and the company’s carbon footprint.

4. Encourage car sharing schemes. Individuals who live close to one another can start traveling together in the same car whenever possible.

5. Encourage use of public transport, park and ride and cycling to work if your workplace is in a region where such is safe and applicable.

6. Allocate the best parking places to owners of hybrid vehicles.

7. Get fleet managers to progressively replace fleet cars with hybrid cars or cars with low C02 emissions.

8. The person in charge of drivers (deliveries and collections) should introduce weekly schedules where such are bundled to avoid driving duplication to the same area. Use routing software.

9. Ditto for sales people and people who attend a lot of meetings.

10. Stagger working hours so that not everyone travels at peak- hour in heavy and slow traffic.

11. Look at the possibility of some staff telecommuting and working mostly from home.

12. Get procurement to buy local, seasonal and buy bulk.

13. Give preference to ‘green’ freight carriers.

14. Give preference to ‘green’ suppliers – i.e. vendors who buy local, respect recycling etc. and understand a product’s lifecycle. Green suppliers care about reducing carbon emissions and extending a product’s life.

15. Look at the packaging your office uses – is it recycled? Reusable? Recyclable?

16. Have policies about stopping motors and equipment being left running when not being used.

17. Inform people to rethink their search engine usage; every time one run’s a search, it increases your carbon footprint. Bookmark often needed

18. Ditto for email. Receiving unnecessary email, time spent sorting it etc.

19. Avoid connecting flights by taking direct flights wherever possible. Encourage low emissions alternatives when airline travel is required.

20. And to offset your carbon when you can’t avoid adding to C02 emissions do plant trees around your office premises to absorb carbon dioxide
and give off oxygen.

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