How to save water without changing your lifestyle.

How to save water without changing your lifestyle.

The average household consumes approximately 240lt of water per person per day. That means that for a household with four people in it, 960lt of water is used every day which equates to 350’400lt per year!

How is this usage broken down? Would you believe that only 3% of your total water consumed is used for drinking and cooking? The rest is used for the garden (35%), toilet flushing (29%), bathing/ showering (20%) and for laundry (13%). If we covert these percentages to volumes, the average home uses 122’640lt per year to water the garden, 101’616lt to flush your toilet, 70’080lt to keep ourselves clean and 45’552lt to keep our clothes clean! The other 10’512lt per year is used for drinking and cooking.

Eco-h2o Water Conservation look to match water quality with application. Municipal water for drinking (for now anyway but this could change), rainwater for showering, toilet flushing and laundry and lastly, grey water for garden irrigation. A combination of all of our systems can save you up to 90% on your water bills!

Broken down into each application, we look at the various ways to save water.

Toilet flushing.

An average cistern holds approximately 10lt and is emptied each time the toilet is flushed. Our Multi-Flush toilet mechanism allows you to control the amount of water used each time you flush the toilet. In some instances, clearing the pan requires as little as 1lt for men and 2lt for women. As you can see, each flush can save you 8lt which adds up very quickly. If each person flushes twice per day, your saving is 23’360lt of water per year!

Grey water reuse.

Our Greywater System collects water from baths, showers, hand basins and washing machines. No “black water” can be used i.e.: toilet water, dishwashers and kitchen sinks. If we look at the figures above, showering/bathing and laundry combined total some 115’632lt per year. This grey water is then pumped to the garden keeping it watered all year round at no extra cost. We have already established that we use approximately 122’640lt per year on keeping our gardens watered so the water needed for the garden is reduced to 7’008lt per year.

Rainwater harvesting.

If you harvest your rainwater, your water savings are even bigger as the water you harvest is used for bathing, showering, laundry and toilet flushing. Rainfall is seasonal, but for the rainy months, you could be self sufficient in terms of water supply. Rainwater is collected from your downpipes through our Rain Runner filters which remove leaves, dirt and debris that may have accumulated on your roof between rains, thus ensuring that only clean water enters your rainwater tank. Municipal water is introduced to the tank as well ensuring you a backup water supply if there is no rain or municipal water in your area.

Eco-h2o Water Conservation has 7 years’ experience in water conservation with over 2000 installations (residential and commercial) countrywide.

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