2017/2018 Water and Sewage Tariffs

Water & Sewer increase by 12.2%

Here are the new increases in our water and sewage:  The average household will now be paying and additional 12.2% and no longer gets the first 6kl free.

Here is the break down on what this means to you the home owner:

The average house hold uses 250ℓ of water per person per day: 7’750ℓ per person per month.  If you are a family of 4 people, that means your monthly usage with be around 31’000ℓ per month (31kl).  That means you will now be paying R29.22 per kilolitre, bringing your water bill to around R500 – R600 per month for water only with the additional sewage charge of between R334 – R506, it starts to add up quickly.

There is a solution to save you money and to save our most precious resource:


 Our Rainwater harvesting system will divert and sieve the rainwater from your roof though a self-cleaning filter box fitted to your downpipe and fill your water tank.  From your water tank the water is then pumped (via an in-line filter and any other additional filters you require) to the entire property.

There is a municipal top-up on the tank set at your required level, ensuring you are never without water.

This will reduce your dependence on the main water supply and reduce your monthly bill by up to 65%.

To save you even more, we offer a Greywater Reuse system.  The garden uses, on average, 30 – 35% of our water usage.  By reducing the need to use municipal water in our garden, you are able to reduce your water consumption even further.



Greywater is defined as: water from your bath, shower, washing machine and had basins.

A greywater system allows you to water your garden with grey water, which is usually discarded down the drain.

This water is diverted via the filter into a pump chamber, from where it is automatically pumped along a hose pipe and sprinkler onto your garden via a pyramid sprinkler.

This means that while you are taking a shower your garden is simultaneously being watered.

The Greywater system is a very cost effective way of conserving water and has an average saving of up to 35% of your water use.


Eco-H2o is a water conservation company that would be able to assist you with rainwater harvesting systems, greywater reuse systems, back-up water supply systems, pool back-wash recycling systems and toilet flushing systems.   When you have our systems installed in your home not only could you reduce your water bill by up to 90%, you will also never be without water.  We are also suppliers of JoJo water tanks.

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