Water Security, what you can do

This is how can Eco-h2o Water Conservation Systems can help you save water, money and give you the water security you need.


Rainwater Harvesting System


The Rainwater harvesting system will divert and sieve the rainwater from your roof though a self-cleaning filter box fitted to your downpipe and fill your water tank.  From your water tank the water is then pumped (via an in-line filter) to the entire property. There is a municipal top-up on the tank set at your required level (around 1’000ℓ) ensuring you are never without water. This will reduce your dependence on the main water supply.


The system guarantees you water at all times by allowing the introduction of mains water should you run out of rainwater.


Back-up Water Supply System



A back-up water supply system gives you an uninterrupted water supply.  Giving you the peace of mind that even when the municipal water is cut, you will have at least two days’ supply (size of tank dependant) to be able to run the home or office.


We install a water tank with a municipal mains top-up using a high pressure ball valve, so when the tank is full the valve shuts off and prevents the tank from overflowing. This allows you to fill the tank with municipal water and pump it back into the home or office at a constant pressure and flow rate.  The pump we use is a German made pump with a curve of 80 ℓ per minute at a 3.8 bar pressure.  We install a manifold override to allow you to switch between tank water and mains water, giving you control over the entire water system for your home or office, the manifold has non-return valves and a pressure relief valve to make the whole system safe to use in any home or office.


The system would need to be run continuously or at least every 2 weeks (whether there was a water cut or not) to allow fresh water to fill up the tanks.


Greywater Re-use System


A greywater system allows you to water your garden with grey water, which is usually discarded down the drain. 

Greywater is defined as: water from your bath, shower, washing machine and had basins. 

This water is diverted via the filter into a pump chamber, from where it is automatically pumped along a hose pipe and sprinkler onto your garden via a pyramid sprinkler.  This means that while you are taking a shower your garden is simultaneously being watered. 

The Greywater system is a very cost effective way of conserving water and has an average saving of up to 35% of your water use.


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